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Praise - The Intensive Experience

Praise for The Intensive Experience

If you would like to unwind the tightest knots and lighten the densest places within your body/mind/spirit, try a Jin Shin Intensive with Tari. My experience was nothing short of transformative, giving me an inner sense of space and optimism through which I now view life.

It's as if I had an extended "conversation" directly with Source.  I have been desperately in need of a direct connection with this nurturing aspect of my being but I couldn’t get past my mind to access it.  That delicious altered state that each session of Jin Shin conjures up bypassed my mental roadblocks and served as the transport I needed to reach that place of alignment. There was enough "time out" from my own mind's chattering that I could actually arrive at someplace new and shiny. I feel more confident, more whole, more "myself". And more okay with that self.

 I've been a practitioner of Jin Shin for 14 years. I've had many sessions, with many different practitioners. I couldn't have chosen a more perfect person to do this intensive with than Tari. She was like the sun, beaming her encouragement and optimism, her faith in the work and her knowledge of it all onto me, holding the space for whatever would appear. Add to that her highly tuned intuitive and coaching skills, and you have someone who can facilitate healing on a very broad spectrum. She helped me understand through non-invasive reflection some major points of view I have that are in my own way. Our coaching sessions added such awareness and insight to the energy work.  I felt complete trust in her ability to remain focused (which is important so I could let go and feel safe) and alert to any signals that came up and to be flexible in response to them. She gently led me through this experience, easily transitioning from the non-personal energy work to the very personal coaching work.

 Her work is very accurately called Cellular Joy. I can heartily agree that down to my cellular level, I am singing a happy song!

~ Debra Huffman





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