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Praise for Jin Shin Jyutsu

“I really can't thank you enough for your generous offer and treatment. It was beyond wonderful to connect with you in such a loving way, to see you light up as you practice your calling, and to receive the gift of renewed vigor. I truly had forgotten what it felt like. I can't imagine a greater gift, Tari, truly. I am so grateful. Jennifer Shryock

Last evening I was overcome by a sense of well-being. I can't wait to see what happens with further Jin Shin. Thank you so much Tari for being a dear coach and not a distant psychotherapist.   Karen S. 

Just wanted to let you know how much less pain I am in. My shoulder has improved dramatically. Hope you can remember the flows you chose because I’m gonna be dancing four times in the next week! I am so grateful for your healing abilities. I look forward to seeing you again soon. - L,W.

I want to mention one more person that has been very instrumental in my healing journey. Her name is Tari Heap. Tari practices an ancient Japanese healing art called Jin Shin Jyutsu. I honestly don’t know how I would have made it thru this last month and a half without her. Tari’s story is incredible as she has healed herself from cancer twice, and has fully recovered from a massive stroke six months ago after being expected to not live thru the night, or to be severely brain damaged. In addition to working on me, Tari has taught me many Jin Shin sequences to help myself on a daily basis to strengthen my immunity and balance my body. Thank you so much Tari. I am so grateful for you!   Kirsten Zoub


"Tari has a true gift. Just being in her presence melts my sense of stress. She literally glows with positivity and well-being... A session with Tari is nothing but life changing. I credit her tremendously for my continued triumph over a cancer diagnosis, as well as the daily stressors of being a single divorced working mother on the North Shore. I know intrinsically that she is " on my side" and I find strength (that I didn't know I had within) after seeing her.  I highly recommend her services .. There are no words to describe how she has positively impacted my life.Tari is truly gifted and she remains a gift in my life.I remain endlessly grateful that I found her". -Courtney K 

"Tari has been a gift to my life.  I came to her with quite a bit of skepticism about what Jin Shin Jyutsu could do for me.  Honestly, I still don’t understand how or why it works.  But I know that is has helped me.  I know that when I leave a session with Tari, I feel better, and that well-being continues as I return to my daily life.  She has an incredibly healing presence; she is wise and genuine and real, all at the same time.  I’m so grateful to have found her"! ~ Amy Skalinder

"Tari Heap's mastery of Jin Shin Jyutsu brings intellect, compassion and insight to her treatments to assist healing and promote potential. I am so grateful to have her in my life. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT! and be amazed..".~ Diane K, Evanston, IL

"Tari became my Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner 4 years ago when I went through chemo and radiation. I already knew Tari was a beautiful spiritual human being and I was open to learn about Jin Shin from her while it helped me to heal and recover. At one of our first sessions, I was experiencing extreme fatigue from chemo the day before. It happened to be my daughter's birthday and I hadn't shopped for her yet plus the family celebration was that evening. Tari knew just what to do! She reminded me to give my body 2 hours to realize the full benefit of the treatment. She assured me I'd be up for the birthday party. And she was right! I was amazed at the rejuvenation and new energy I felt. Each session with Tari helped to heal my body as well as experiencing a faster, smoother recovery." ~ Claire S 

"After over a year of traditional talk therapy for anxiety without results, my therapist suggested I try Jin Shin Jyutsu. I noticed a difference almost immediately. Tari has a very positive and caring energy that transcends through her work. She also once helped me eliminate the effects of a migraine I was having in less than an hour of our session." ~ Liz K

 After more than twenty-four hours of grueling travel my wife and I arrived at our hotelin Vienna. We were exhausted, and eager to turn off the lights and fall into bed. I drifted off quickly, but then, several hours later, woke with a terrible headache. Once awake it only got worse.You need to know I’ve had these headaches before. Once they set in there is nothing I can do but ride them out for from 12 to 24 hours. That time is a desperate, terrible time for me. Pain medications do not work. Changing my posture usually makes it worse. This headache, like the others, was a pain significant enough to leave me sitting in the dark, quietly moaning. I know how dramatic that sounds, but this thing stops any coherent or reasonable thought.At some point Tari woke up and asked what was going on. I explained as best I could. She got up and came round the bed where she began a Jin Shin Jyutsu flow.Within several minutes the pain subsided and then was gone. I was able to fall asleep.Tari did a flow that lasted 10 minutes and the pain was simply gone". ~ Mark Heap       

 "Tari Heap is a rare and gifted healing artist. She invites and directs universal source energy to flow through depths, pathways with particular patterns to touch our souls and harmonize our bodies. She has gentle hands, a joyful, loving heart and has developed deep wisdom and conscious awareness. Her passion and calling is to transform us from blocked, disconnected humans into healthy luminous beings through her practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu. I do regularly feel my life becoming better from each of her treatments. I now experience myself becoming stronger and steadier with more clarity to focus on my own projects. It feels like a miracle. Tari Heap is my guide and my hero." ~ Bobbie Stuart McCall

"When my daughter told me about the amazing results she experienced with Jin Shin Jyutsu I thought it was an exaggeration. Then I tried it for myself and Wow! It is fantastic! The positive results are quite evident. Don' ask me 'how?' but it really works."~ A.Gross.

"A friend gave me a gift certificate and I've been to Tari ever since..Tari's energy work has become an important part of my overall wellness routine.  She's a gifted practitioner, compassionate, insightful and I value our sessions."  ~ Ann C.

"I look forward to every session with Tari. Each and every time I feel restored and centered from Tari’s energy. I feel it while I am receiving it, and long after I’ve left. It’s been a gift to me." ~Pam L.

Last evening I was overcome by a sense of well-being. I can't wait to see what happens with further Jin Shin. Thank you so much Tari for being a dear coach and not a distant psychotherapist. - ❤  Karen S. 

“I came for Jin Shin Jyutsu sessions for cancer treatment and felt a strong connection with Tari.  I was dealing with emotional difficulties of breast cancer treatment as well as uncertainty about how best to find meaning and competency in my life. As a result of Jin Shin Jyutsu my energy level, my mental and emotional status, my elimination functioning, and any side effects from chemotherapy have been kept to a minimum. For me Jin Shin Jyutsu was effective and gave me hope and direction in my life”                    - Ellen Rieger 



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