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New Coaching class with Jin Shin Jyutsu!

Cultivating Authentic Confidence

Combining Critical Life Skills with the power of Jin Shin Jyutsu.

Class! Nov. 8th & 15th & Nov. 29th & Dec. 6th
Thanksgiving Break Nov. 22nd.
6:30 pm-8:30 pm / $140

In this class we’ll be combining Critical Life Skills with the power of Jin Shin Jyutsu to help your confidence soar.

As a Master Life Coach I’ve found it’s not enough to simply provide the tools you’ll need to cultivate authentic confidence. Many people are stopped from effectively using the tools because of hard-wired fear, or negative self-talk.

These barriers can be crippling.

However, when I combine those proven tools with the powerful techniques of Jin Shin Jyutsu, an Energy System I’ve practiced for 17 years, I see confidence levels blossom.

Jin Shin Jyutsu acts as a release valve for those fears and insecurities so you return to harmony. With harmony as your base, you can then use the whole host of confidence building techniques that I’ll teach you – to maximum effect.

In this class we’ll explore and personalize those confidence builders, and I’ll teach you the easy but effective Jin Shin Jyutsu self-care techniques that unlock your natural confidence like tumblers finally falling into place.

In this four night workshop you’ll learn the difference between ‘fake’ confidence and the real deal. More importantly you’ll learn how to grow your confidence in tangible, powerful ways. Ways that will affect your career, your relationships… in fact every area of your life.

You’ll learn;

The confidence killers. The things we all do that undermine our self-assurance.

Powerful self-help energy tools from Jin Shin Jyutsu to harmonize our fears and insecurities.

How the way we think about ourselves directly affects the quality of our confidence and our lives – and why it’s different than how men think.

The critical differences between ‘faking it’ and authentic confidence.

The common excuses, stories and fears that stop women from the most important step of all – taking action.

How to cultivate the mindset that grows courage & confidence through everyday challenges.

Confidence is a lifelong process that can be joyful, fulfilling and deeply meaningful.

You are not meant to live a life filled with postponed dreams and “someday” excuses. You’re ready right now.

All you need is the confidence to begin. I hope to see you there,


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