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I’ve been fascinated with energy work and intuition my whole life. I was raised in a home with a very   empathic and intuitive mother. I’d witnessed her do, say and know things that had no reasonable or  ‘rational’ explanation for. Growing up with the idea that energy and knowing were real things was my   family’s norm.

My sister and I accepted that having an intuitive hit pan out, or a precognitive dream come true was entirely possible.  She’d instilled in us a certain degree of trust in something much larger, more profound and mysterious than the prevailing cultural beliefs would have us believe. 

She could also be an adamant skeptic if she sensed someone’s ego intruding into the mix.

I get that.  When I lived in Sedona, a hotspot for all things new age and metaphysical, I met those who were the real deal and those that wanted to be. Badly.

There’s a certain romance to having ‘certain skills’ that the average person doesn’t seem to have.  I’d had enough first-hand experience with feeling energy that I adopted some of that skepticism.  I also learned that until someone feels energy for themselves it remains unreal to them.

It’s a balancing act to discern truth from wishful thinking. 

I believe all roads lead to Source in the end but that some tools interface more easily with our human condition than others. I’d been searching for my energy modality for a few years and although I found parts of them to be affecting and effective I also found that many of them had very limited range.  

When I received a gift certificate from a wise and trusted friend for Jin Shin Jyutsu.  It was like going home. My intuition said ‘this is truth’.  But did it have range?

Why yes, yes it did. 

The more I learned and the more I applied these tools to my clients the more progress I made.  Instead of imposing energy on the body from the outside it was like speaking to the body in it’s own language.

I saw jaundiced faces from liver cancer turn rosy. Chronic migraine headaches dissolve. Chemo depleted energy levels return to normal as nausea faded.  Women undergoing hormone replacement for in vitro fertilization would feel human again after experiencing wild mood swings from treatment. Sometimes in only one session and sometimes over several.

Jin Shin Jyutsu makes Source energy available to us and restores our body’s blueprint.

And much to my immense relief, Jin Shin Jyutsu works whether I’m feeling intuitive that day or not.

The accessibility of this work can fool people into thinking that it must not be working. Or that self-care isn’t as effective.  It is.

We have a prevalent cultural belief that all forms of energy work must be big and dramatic.  Or should act like a western medicine drug does by bludgeoning the body into submission. And yet, its using small holds with our own two hands that have the staying power over time.  I’ve learned to trust our body’s wisdom to know more than our minds do.

Our bodies know a good thing when it gets it and Jin Shin Jyutsu is a very good thing.


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