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Is Jin Shin Jyutsu Sexy?

Over the last thirty plus years I've been involved with energy work I've witnessed one energy work system or another become the next, hot fad. The more mystical or mysterious it appeared, the more people (including me) would flock to it. They can seem, well, sexy. I've explored so many systems, you might say I 'dated' a lot. But over time, the next 'shiny object' often doesn't deliver the magic bullet we hope it might.

It's a great way to get a sense of what they're about but not to gain expertise. For that, I'd need to focus and put in the time. 

Early on in my career I'd been throwing in 'the kitchen sink' pulling from the many tools I'd picked up along the way. It was an effort to make a difference in people's lives. My thinking had been more tools must be better. But it wasn't.  Having worked with hundreds of people, I found out how much it truly counts for the person receiving healing work. As much as I loved to use my intuition, having tools that don't require me to be 'on my game' every single time, had big appeal.  My approach had become hit or miss.  

I was ready to find more consistency and effectiveness in my work without sacrificing my intuition. I began searching to find a set of tools that would fit the bill.

Whether it's working with the Chakras, energy fields, or flows, it's still accessing or utilizing Source energy.  I wanted to get not just good at energy work, but great. Like the old adage goes. I was a 'jack of all trades but the master of none'. To master a modality I knew I had to commit to an approach that had range to it and could help the most serious health challenges I might ever encounter. 

My wish list was to fall in love with something hands-on and practical. Not just for it's flashy, sex appeal. I was ready for long-term commitment. 

When I discovered Jin Shin Jyutsu I knew I'd found the 'One'.

As with any field of study the tools are only as good as the person using them. I began putting in the time and letting my 'kitchen sink' approach to healing go. It became a match made in heaven. After years and years of loving and motivated study it's been like a great marriage. I never get bored, and there's always more to learn and discover. 

On those days when I see someone's skin color return to its rosy glow from jaundiced yellow, or see a deep, depression lift or the effects of chemo medications abate...  it can make my day, or my week. Those results become pretty darn sexy.

It's why I return again and again to this art. Jin Shin Jyutsu is like a dear, and loving friend. It always does what I ask of it and it always, always helps no matter what.  Am I a master?  Hardly, but I love the pursuit of that goal. I still marvel, even after so many years, at how transformative it can be.  

Jin Shin Jyutsu may not be a sexy kind of energy work but I sure got lucky when I found it.   

As Mary Burmeister would say ....
"Be the exhale"
"Be the drop of the shoulders"
"Be the smile"

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