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 The Flu before Christmas


Christmas was a bit of a bust for my husband and me this year. Why? Because on   Christmas Eve he got hit with this awful flu that’s been going around and I got hit with a cold.


At the same time!


Frankly, I felt lucky to get the cold I got. I’d been working on several people who got the   big smack-down, including a three year old, and as we all know the little ankle-biters are   carriers of the most potent versions of all the latest virus’ and germs.  I’d been vigilant a   about my Jin Shin Jyutsu self-care (as well as water, sleep etc.) so I got more of a glancing   blow than a for-the-love-of-God-just-shoot-me-now cold. 


 My husband however got murdalized by the flu. He’d been less vigilant on his own self-   care so we got to work and it wasn’t that long before we made real progress.  The flu this year has been especially potent and tenacious.


Using our trusty self-care helped cut it short, both in duration and intensity. My husband, all better now, is still doing laundry and making dinners to pay me back for that one… okay, not really, but he’s really grateful.


What we did was the ‘Immunity flow’ and the ‘Spleen flow’, and we did them over, and over, and over while we lay like wilted tube-socks on the couch, sipping endless glasses of water, groaning quietly and watching the TV.

For those of you who’ve been hit like we were I’m including these two flows for you. If you’ve never applied a flow before, not to worry it’s easy and user friendly.  Here are some tips;

  • Sit, lie down or recline in any position that’s comfortable. If you like you can grab a pillow to support an arm that stays in one position for a long time.
  • Each location held is roughly the size of your own palm. This means as long as you’re in the general vicinity you won’t miss it. You can always use your intuition to sense the ‘sweet spot’ of each place.
  • Take your time with each hold. Stay until you feel a connection or pulse. If you’re not feeling much, no problem, just hold for 3 minutes or longer and you’ll be covered.

Flows for what ails ya;

Spleen Flow (also good for Seasonal Affective Disorder and vitality)

(Courtesy of ‘The Touch of Healing’ by Alice Burmeister and Tom Monte)

Immunity Flow (helps many things at once).

Questions? Feel free to shoot me an email and I’ll be happy to answer what I can.




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