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Your ‘Middle-of-the-Night’ Guide for the Stressed-out Mind!

The purpose of this ‘Middle-of-the Night Guide for the Stressed-out Mind’ is to help you with those fears, worries and concerns that can dog us all.  You know the feeling. Either you couldn’t get to sleep or you woke up in the wee hours with a stab of dread that starts your heart beating just a little (or a lot) faster. We only have this moment. If you’re worrying about what might happen or what happened yesterday you are definitely not in the now. You can’t sleep and…

It’s the middle of the night 

You think ugh, I’m going to feel like crap tomorrow because you’re obsessing over the worry de jour.  No doubt about it, being in the grip of fear or worry feels just awful.  You know that you’ll feel exhausted and oddly wired the next morning but what can you do at three AM?


Fear and worry are a fact of life but the trick is to stop the spiral down into real suffering.  Our thoughts are fluid and constantly changing and although it might not seem like it at the time, we do have influence on what seems like an endless thought loop of emotional misery.

In this guide you’ll learn:

  • How to turn off your mind and let those thoughts go.
  • Create new mental and emotional habits.
  • Learn simple and easy to use energy tools to harmonize mind, body, heart and soul.
  • How to get back into your body and into the ‘now’ so you get back to sleep before the alarm goes off.
  • Reconnect with your heart as an ally instead of something to be conquered or ignored.

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